Fundraising events are done two or three times a year and involves a set of activities for these events to be successful. You can participate on these activities in a number of ways, namely in the organization, publicity, promotion, tickets selling, venue setup, catering, entertaining, cleaning or simply buying.

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You make a donation by filling up a form and submiting it with a description of the type of donation you want to make, your contact details and the purpose for your donation, i.e. to a fundraising event, to the organization or to a particular objective. Don Bosco representatives will contact you for further details.



There are two main types of sponsors, the one that sponsors a child (God Father/Mother) and the one that sponsors the organisation. For the child, a small monthly contribution of $20.00 dollars will suffice. For the organisation you would focus on providing financial help, products or services that would benefit these children.


Grupo Pastoral Don Bosco Inc.

Our mission is to help the rehabilitated youths re-assimilate into society to be good citizens and people of good moral values. To prepare these people to live independently, to become architects of their own destiny and to contribute to their society with these values

GPDB Bank Account details
Institution: Westpac Bank
Account name: Grupo Pastoral Don Bosco
Account BSB: 032-044
Account number: 663080


Last amounts GPDB in Sydney sent to 'Casa de Acogida Don Bosco - Breña' in Lima:

Year Collected in AU$ Sent to CADB in US$ International transfer Confirmation of amount received
2022 $6,032.00 $4,060.80 Bank receipt Confirmation letter
2021 $16,032.00 $11,016.00 Bank receipt Confirmation letter
2020 $11,032.00 $8,088.00 Bank receipt Confirmation letter
2019 $20,032.00 $13,078.00 Bank receipt Confirmation letter
2018 $22,032.00 $14,520.00 Bank receipt Confirmation letter
2017 $23,032.00 $16,677.30 Bank receipt Confirmation letter
2016 $23,000.01 $16,282.02 Bank receipt Confirmation letter
2015 $20,032.00 $13,476.00 Bank receipt Confirmation letter
2014 $24,649 .27 $16,500.00 Bank receipt Confirmation letter
2013 $19,032.00 $17,084.80 Bank receipt Confirmation letter
2012 $22,532.00 $22,169.25 Bank receipt Confirmation letter

Thank you very much for all your support during all these years, without you we would not be able to send these donations and help these kids in CDADB, Breña.

Speech in Hansard - NSW Parliament

We would also like to thank the Hon. David Clarke for his motion and the great work he has done by agreeing and recognising "Grupo Pastoral Don Bosco" as a charitable organisation on the Legislative Council Hansard - 24 October 2012 - NSW Parliament, this is indeed a great achievement and marks a milestone in the history of the Peruvian community here in NSW and in Australia.

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