A sponsor is a business or individual that supports the organization on an ongoing basis by providing financial help or by supplying products or services.

There are two main types of sponsors, the one that sponsors a child (sometimes called God Father or God Mother) and the one that sponsors the organization (this being normally a business).

To sponsor a child, you will be required to give a monthly quote, not less than $20.00 dollars, and you can also help through the organization on the yearly activities if you wish.

To sponsor the organization, normally you agree to provide financial help or by supplying products or services that the organization could use to benefit the purpose of helping these children. Sponsors to the organization will be added to public advertisements, on news letters and/or during the fundraising events, to provide them with more opportunities for their businesses.

This area covers the provision for businesses and individuals to become sponsors of this organization, giving them a description of the activities, the purposes and the current objectives, both achieved and underway.

Sponsors are a vital part of any charity organization that is why we devoted a whole service area for them. You too could become a sponsor and get the joy of giving to the needed. Please request sponsorship via the Contact us page, thanks.