Currently the organization 'Grupo Pastoral Don Bosco Inc.' has its headquarters in Sydney - Australia with the aim of promoting it across other states within Australia and in other countries.

Fundraising events are organised during the year and involves a number of pre and post activities for them to be successful. It is really amazing to see the number of people that needs to be involved on these events, in the organization, marketing, production, sales, venues, catering, entertaining, cleaning, etc.

This area covers not only the activities that are needed to organize these types of events, but the events themselves. Past events represent each a story, a set of historical activities, evidencing all the hard work and enthusiasm required, described and captured on still images.

So how can you help on these fundraising activities?

  • Expressing your willingness to participate via Contact us
  • Participating on meetings providing ideas and better ways of doing things
  • Taking ownership of tasks caring for every single detail
  • Helping out on promoting, marketing and sales tasks
  • Volunteering on activities and participating on events