Don Bosco childrenTo help the rehabilitated youths re-assimilate into society to be good christians and people of good moral values. To prepare these people to live independently with the purpose of becoming architects of their own destiny and to contribute to the society with the values of "Justice and a Life of Dignity".

Don Bosco, 'Father and teacher of our youths'
In a society where poverty, lack of jobs and shortage of food are a main factor, families usually crack down, being children the most affected. These children are the ones that suffer this reality and in a short period of time, they are abandoned and many times even forgotten by their own parents and even by the discriminating society.

Fortunately there is a place for them: 'Don Bosco Homes' where they find a safety home, proper and enough food, a clean bed to rest well, a place for their personal hygiene, a school where to acquire knowledge and skills to be able to be re-inserted into the society and look after themselves.


Last four amounts GPDB in Sydney sent to 'Casa de Acogida Don Bosco - Breña' in Lima:
YearCollected in AU DollarsDelivered in US Dollars
2016$7,022.25 $0.00
More soon...
Thank you very much for all your support during all these years, without you we would not be able to send these donations and help these kids in CDADB, Breña.

We would also like to thank the Hon. David Clarke for his motion and the great work he has done by agreeing and recognising "Grupo Pastoral Don Bosco" as a charitable organisation on his speech in Hansard - NSW Parliament, this is indeed a great achievement and marks a milestone in the history of the Peruvian community here in NSW and in Australia.


Traditional Turrones sweet

Please note, this offer will end soon , thanks for your support.

Traditional Turron Traditionally in Peru the month of October is known as "el Mes Morado", or the purple month, in honor of "El Señor de los Milagros" (The Lord of Miracles).

“Turron de Doña Pepa is a sweet, sticky anise-flavored treat. Like fruitcake, it's a bit of an acquired taste for some, and it's so much better homemade.
The anise cookie sticks are layered, then soaked in a delicious brown sugar syrup, traditionally made with chancaca”.

This year we have arranged the making of Turrones by one of our supporters, so if you would like to buy Turrones here in Sydney then you are in the right place, the price is $22 per 1Kg package.

Turrones will be made on request so please make sure you transfer your funds to the group's bank account first, then proceed to make your request. Turrones will be delivered to a distribution point for pick up only.

More information about how to buy this delicious sweet can be found in our current event page

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